B.E.A.R. Binders

What is a B.E.A.R. Binder?

BEAR is an acronym for Bring Everything Always Ready.

A BEAR Binder is a special binder that your child will bring

to and from school everyday this year.

The BEAR binder will help your child stay organized and

help you keep in touch with our classroom.


B.E.A.R. Rules


Please take good care of your binder, it will be used all year long.


Clean out the Super Duper Work to keep Folder every evening.


Take your binder home with you every night and bring back to school in the morning.

When you finish your homework, put your binder back in your book bag so you do not forget it!


Keep your BEAR binder clean. Do not eat or drink while using it.


Show your BEAR book to your parents each day.

They will be so glad to see you are learning responsibility.



Please do not:


Make any marks or drawings in your binder.


Leave it at home, daycare, in the car, or on the bus.

You are responsible for bringing it to school each day.


Let anyone borrow your BEAR binder or tear pages out of your binder.

Everything should stay in your binder.


Put any papers in your binder that do not belong.




B.E.A.R. Binder Contents



Front Cover Pocket


Behavior Chart

I will keep the behavior chart for each week in this pocket for you to see each night.


Pencil Pouch


Money Pouch

The pencil pouch should be used to send lunch money, or money for book orders.

Red Folder

Important Papers

This folder is for sending home important information or notes from the school or teacher to the parents.  Feel free to use the loose leaf paper in this folder to send me notes or write comments for me.

Yellow Folder


The yellow folder will contain homework to be done and turned in the next day. Please help your child remember to put homework back in the folder when finished or when you are not working on it. This folder may also contain papers with information to study.

Green Folder

Super Duper Work to Keep

The green folder will contain work that has been corrected and can be kept at home.

Plastic Sleeve #1


Monthly Kindergarten Homework

This homework is to be completed by the end of each month. You should pick 3 activities to complete each week with your child. Write them in a special notebook just for homework and return to school when finished in the yellow folder.


Plastic Sleeve #2

School Calendar / Lunch Menu

This will be where each month's calendar and lunch menu will be stored in the binder for easy access.

Back Cover Pocket

Reading Log

This is where we will keep the reading log for each month. In the months October - March, your child will have an opportunity to earn a personal size pizza from Godfather's by completing their goal each month.



Lost/Damaged Binder Contents 

If any items are lost or damaged during the school year, it will be the responsibility of the family to replace those items. 

Prices for items if replaced during the year:

Pencil Pouch $1.00

Folder $1.00 each

Binder $2.00

Plastic sleeves 25¢ each 

Teachers will monitor binder’s condition and notify parents when a binder replacement needs to be made.



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