Mrs. Gusso’s Kindergarten 

Behavior Plan 


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Classroom Rules

During the first week of school we will discuss the importance of good behavior in school.  The classroom rules will be:

1. Listen carefully.
2. Follow directions the first time.
3. Work quietly. Do not disturb others.
4.  Respect others. Be kind with words and actions.
5.  Respect school and personal property.

6. Work and play safely.


Accepting Responsibility For Our Actions

Even at the young age of 5, children need to learn the importance of accepting responsibility for their actions.  In our classroom we will keep track of our behavior with a traffic light.  Every child will have a clothespin with his/her name on it.  Each day will begin with everyone's clothespin off of the stoplight.  Our goal is to keep all the clothespins off or only on green during the day.

If a child breaks a rule, he/she is first given a verbal reminder about the correct way to behave as a warning. The clothespin will move to the green light so the student and I know that he/she has had a warning that day.

If the same child continues to misbehave or has difficulty following the rules later the same day, he/she will be asked to move his/her clothespin to yellow.  The child will be removed from the situation for a short period of time to think about his/her actions and ways he/she can do better.

On the third offense, the child will move his/her clip to red and sit in time out again for a longer period of time.  

If the child continues to have difficulty behaving or following rules, a phone call will be made to the parents.


Daily Behavior Report

Parents will receive a daily report in the Important Papers Folder about their child's behavior in school. 

If the child's clip stayed off the stoplight or on green, he/she will have a smiley face on the report.

If the child's clip was moved to yellow, he/she will have a straight face on the report.

If the child's clip was moved to red, he/she will have a sad face on the report.

Parents are asked to initial and return the report every day in the B.E.A.R. binder .