Curriculum Links

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Reading Links


Alphabet Action Letter / Picture Match
Letter Maze Missing Letters
A.B.Cow - missing letter in alphabet Alphabet Animals
Letter of the Day Letters of the Alphabet
Wee Webbies Letters Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Fun Alphabet Animals
Kangaroo Confusion Literacy Center
Alphabet Garden Activity The Book Game
AlphaBits The ABC Game
Alphabet Zoo Aa to Zz book
Beginning Reading



Math Links
Crocodile Smiles Match Fish Colors
What Color Is It? Change the Color Activity
Color Game My Colors
Color Words Word Search My Many Colored Days - online story
Color Match 'n Madness Color and Shapes printable pages
Literacy Center Kindergarten Games
School house Scramble  


Mathematics Curriculum

Chapter 1 - Sort and Classify

Shape sorter Limbo Sort Bert's Bottlecaps
Elmo's Laundry Oscar's Trash Zoe's Pet Shelter
Chapter 2 - Patterns
Pattern Mania Pattern Games Alfy's Pattern and Shapes Page
Cookie Monster patterns    
Chapter 3 - Numbers 0-5
Find the Hidden Numbers Number Order The Counting Game
Fishy Count Fishing for Numbers The Number Game
Kid's Math The Counting Story Numbers 0-5
Chapter 4 - Numbers 6 - 10
Fishing for Numbers Number Order The Counting Game
Kid's Math The Counting Story Count to 10
The Number Game Fishy Count  
Chapter 5 - Geometry and Fractions
Rats! Catch the Shapes Sammy's Shapes Matching Shapes Game
  Oddball Shape Game Loading Shapes
  The Shape Game  
StoryPlace - Shapes Buzzing with Shapes Shapes
Chapter 6 - Numbers 10-30
Identify 11-30 Counting - Can you count to 1000?  
Chapter 7 - Number Patterns
Count by 2s dot-to-dot Ordinal Numbers Count by 5s dot-to-dot
Counting by 2s    
Chapter 8 - Money and Time
Time to the Hour Telling Time Game Money to Build a Robot
Telling Time    
Chapter 9 - Measurement
  Longer and Shorter  
Chapter 10 - Data, Graphing and Probability
Chapter 11 - Addition
Farm Addition Add 'em up Addition 1
Kid's Math Beginning Addition Adding Bricks
Chapter 12 - Subtraction
  Day at the Beach  







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