Weekly Snack Helpers


Every day we will have a milk break around 1:45 pm. During this time I would also like to provide a snack for the students since we eat lunch so early in our day (10:40 a.m.). To make it fair, I have assigned weeks loosely based on birthdays. I have also randomly assigned 2 more weeks to most of the students to fill up the rest of the year. Just a reminder that most weeks are 4 days this year. Please keep your newsletter calendars handy to know the schedule.

**If any week you are assigned does not work for you, please notify me and I will rearrange the weeks.**

If you choose to send a special snack on your child's birthday, please notify me in advance if it is not during your week so we can plan accordingly.

Appropriate snacks to send:

Goldfish crackers  Yogurt Crackers & Cheese   Animal crackers
Popcorn (prepackaged)   Graham crackers    Pudding (store bought) JELLO (store bought)
Pretzels  Snack Mix Pre-packaged Fruit snacks Trail Mix
Please DO NOT send candy!!

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  Snack Helpers
23-25(3 days) Mrs. Gusso
29-Sept 2 Joni D.


5-9 Andrew E.
12-16 Ethan T.
19-23 Anna E.
26-30 Ray T.
3-7 Landen B.
10-14 Vanessa D.
17-21 Harley D.
24-28 Kayla Jo D.

 Oct 31-4 Skylar K.
7-11 Natalie H.
14-18 Mason B.
21-25(3 days) Mrs. Gusso
28-Dec 2 Gabe B.
5-9 Lacie B.
12-16 Ashton O.
19-22 Hailey M.



2-6 Zack K. (1/2 birthday)
9-13 Elizabeth
16-20 Joni D. (1/2 birthday)
23-27 Anna E.
30-Feb 3 Andrew E. (1/2 birthday)




6-10 Ethan T.
13-17 Vanessa D.
20-24 Landen B.
27-Mar 2 Ray T.


5-9 Kayla Jo D.
12-16 Harley D.
19-23 Natalie H.
26-30 Mason B.


2-6 Elizabeth
9-13 Lacie B.
16-20 Ashton O.
23-27 Gabe B.


April 30-4 Hailey M.
7-11 Zack K.
14-18 Skylar K.
21-22 Mrs. Gusso

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