Apple Unit 

I have gotten many great ideas from other teacher's websites for my apple unit. I always try to coincide this unit with Johnny Appleseed Day and a trip to the apple orchard. It is a fun time for all! My first year in Kindergarten I made applesauce with my students, to my surprise many of them really liked it when they weren't sure they would. It sure made my room smell good!


            Apple Poems and Fingerplays      

Two Little Apples


Way up high, in an apple tree

Two red apples smiled at me.

So I shook that tree as hard as I could.

Down came the apples

Mmmmm, were they good!


Eat an Apple


Eat an apple; (bring right hand to mouth)

Save the core. (close right hand in fist)

Plant the seeds. (bend down /touch the ground)

And grow some more. (extend both arms outward)

Ten Red Apples


Ten red apples growing on a tree,

(hold hands up high.)


Five for you and five for me.

(Shake one hand, then the other)


Help me shake the tree just so,

(Shake whole body)


And ten red apples down below,

(Lower hands while flitting fingers)


One, two, three, four, five,

(Count fingers on one hand)


Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

(Count fingers on opposite hand)



I know a fruit that grown on trees

An apple is its name-o!







An apple is its name-o!


In summer and in early fall

It's time to pick an apple. (Chorus)

It may be sweet or may be tart

It's red or green or yellow. (Chorus)

A McIntosh or Granny Smith

A Winesap or Delicious! (Chorus)

Make apple juice or applesauce

Or apple pie with apples! (Chorus)

Ten Little Apples


One little, two little, three little apples,

Four little, five little, six little apples,

Seven little, eight little, nine little apples,

Ten little apples for you and me!`

Applesauce (tune: Yankee Doodle)


Peel an apple,

Cut it up,

Cook it in a pot.

When you taste it

You will find

It's applesauce you've got!

Do You Know the Apple Man?

(Tune: Muffin Man)

Oh, do you know the apple man, 

the apple man, the apple man.

Oh, do you know the apple man, 

Who likes to play with me.


Oh, he has a great big smile,

a great big smile, a great big smile.

Oh, he has a great big smile,

and likes to play with me.





I had each student bring in an apple, and we graphed them by the colors. Here is a picture of our graph.


Ten Apples Up On Top


Cover Image


After we read the story, Ten Apples Up On Top, we make our own class book called We Have Apples Up On Top! I give each child a white piece of construction paper 18"x11". Each child gets to draw a picture of his/her own face at the bottom of the page. Then we glue from 1-5 apple die cuts on top of their head. Then we glue a strip of paper with the sentence:_____ has  ___ apples up on top. The students all fill in their name and how many apples they put on their picture. Then I make a cover and punch holes to bind with o-rings. The kids get to read the book in our reading center


Position Words book


Cut eight trees and mount them on paper (one per page, two on last page), along with the following sentences .


The apple is over the tree.

The apple is under the tree.

The apple is in front of the tree.

The apple is behind the tree.

The apple is in the tree.

The apple is beside the tree.

The apple is in between the trees.


You can make the books in one of two ways:

1. Glue the apples into position on the page before laminating the book.

2. Laminate the pages with just the trees, then tape the laminated apple to a piece of yarn and tape the yarn to the back of the book, so the kids can move the apples themselves.


Apple Glyphs

Glyph One


If you are 4 years old, color your apple red.

If you are 5 years old, color your apple yellow.

If you are 6 years old, color your apple green.


If you are a boy, color your stem brown.

If you are a girl, color your stem green.


Add a leaf for each child in your family.






Glyph Two


If you like apple juice, color the eyes brown.

If you like orange juice, color the eyes blue.


If you like apples raw, color the leaf dark green.

If you like applesauce, color the leaf light green.


If you like apples best, color the worm blue.

If you like bananas best, color the worm yellow.

If you like grapes best, color the worm purple.


What is your favorite color apple, red, green , or yellow? Color the apple that color.


If you love apples, give the apple a big happy smile.

If you don't like apples, give the apple a frown.

If you like apples just a little bit, give the apple a straight line mouth.


If you have an apple for snack, add eyebrows to the apple face.

If you ate an apple yesterday, add eyelashes.


If you know the story of Johnny Appleseed, color the stem brown.

If you don't know the story, color the stem black.



We made applesauce in a crock pot. It was yummy!

Here is the recipe we used to make our applesauce:

Applesauce Recipe

6-7 tart (yellow) apples

1 cup water

1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar (or honey)

1 tsp lemon juice

1/4 tsp cinnamon

pinch of salt


Cook all ingredients under tender. Mash the apples with a potato masher or fork.

*This made enough for my 15 students to each have a couple of scoops in a bowl. May need to double it for more students.

Field Trip
We take a trip to the Country Apple Orchard near Harrisburg, SD.

See pictures of our field trip.

Apple Orchard PhotoStory



Coloring Pages

Stained glass apples


On wax paper brush a lot of glue. Cover the glue with red, green or yellow tissue paper pieces. Allow to dry overnight. Peel the wax paper off. Glue an apple outline over the tissue paper. trim around the apple outline. hang in a window for the sunlight to shine through the apple.

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Apple Books


By Gail Gibbons


The Apple Pie Tree

by Zoe Hall

Ten Apples Up on Top

by Dr. Seuss

Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple

by A.H. Benjamin

I Am an Apple

by Jean Marzollo

Apple Fractions

by Jerry Pallotta

Up, Up, Up, It's Apple Picking Time

 by Jody Fickes Shapiro

Ten Red Apples

by Pat Hutchins


Apples Here!

by Will Hubbell

Big Red Apple

by Tony Johnston

Fluffy Goes Apple Picking

by Kate McMullan


The True Tale of Johnny Appleseed

 by Margaret Hodges

Cover Image

How do Apples Grow?

by Betsy Maestro

I Can Read About Johnny Appleseed

 by J. I. Anderson

Cover Image

Apple Fractions

by Jerry Pallotta